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导读:1.ManyChinesebrands,__________theirreputationsovercenturies,arefacingnewchallengesfromthemodernmarket.A.havingdeveloped       B.beingdeveloped       C.developed     D.developing2.__________notforthesu
1.Many Chinese brands, __________their reputations over centuries, are facing new challenges from the modern market.
A. having developed       

B. being developed       
C. developed     
D. developing
2. __________not for the support of the teachers, the student could not overcome her difficulty.
A. It were       B. Were it       

C. It was    D. Was it
3.Located_________the Belt meets the Road, Jiangsu will contribute more to the Belt and Road construction.
A. why       B. when       C. which    D. where
4.The publication of Great Expectations, which_________ both widely reviewed and highly praised, strengthened Dickens, status as a leading novelist.
A.is       B. are       C. was     D. were
5.Working with the medical team in Africa has_________ the best in her as a doctor.
A. held out       B. brought out       

C. picked out     D. given out
6.We choose this hotel because the price for a night here is down to $20,half of _________it used to charge.
A. that       B. which       C. what     D. how
7.He hurried home, never once looking back to see if he_________.
A. was being followed       B. was following       C. had been followed      D. followed
8.In 1963 the UN set up the World Food Programme, one of_____ purposes is to relieve worldwide starvation.
A. which            B. it’s         

C. whose        D. whom
9.Only five years after Steve Jobs’ death, smart –phones defeated _________PCs in sales.
A. controversial         B. contradictory         C. confidential      D. conventional  
10.A quick review of successes and failures at the end of year will help _________your year ahead.
A. shape            B. switch       

C. stretch       D. sharpen
11.He’s been informed that he _________for the scholarship because of his academic background.
A. hasn’t qualified    B. hadn’t qualified       C. doesn’t qualify       D. wasn’t qualifying
32.Determining where we are _________our surroundings remains an essential skill for our survival.
A.in contrast to      B.in defense of        

C.in face of             D.in relation to
13.——What does the stuff on your T-shirt mean ?    ——it’s nothing .Just something _________.
A.as clear as day             
B. off the top of my head          C. under my nose             D. beyond my wildest dreams
14.The disappearance of dinosaurs is not necessarily caused by astronomical incidents. But _________explanations are hard to find .
A. alternative             B. aggressive         

C. ambiguous         D. apparent
15. ——Going to watch the Women’s Volleyball Match on Wednesday? ——___________! Will you go with me?
A. You there          B. You bet       

C. You got me         D. You know better

1—5 ABDCB 6—10 CACDA 11—15 CDBAB 解析: 1. 分析选项,考查非谓语, B/C是被动,A/D是主动;分析题干,把两个逗号中间的内容提到本句的句首,只保留后面一个逗号,且后有over centuries表示时间段的状语,则选择having developed,选A。 2. 分析选项,it were的出现,说明考查虚拟语气且倒装结构,if it were …的结构里,可省略if,把were提至主语前,所以选择were it,选B。 3. 分析选项,考查从句;划分从句,locate“坐落于”,表示方位动词,所以是考查地点状语从句,从句内主干完整,所以选where,选D。 4. 分析选项,考查主谓一致与时态,which代表的先行词为斜体字,书名或电影名等,所以为单数,which就是单数,且本句内为reviewed过去时,所以选择was,选C。 5. 考查词组,hold out伸出援手,bring out阐明,生产,出版,使显出;pick out挑选; give out分发,排放;本题翻译为:在非洲和医疗队的工作显示出作为一名大夫她身上的最佳品质。所以选择B。 6. 分析选项,考查从句;空前有介词,还有逗号,所以为非限制性定语从句;先行词为,介词后用which,先行词为物,则介词后用which;先行词为钱数,所以选择which,选B。 7. 分析选项,考查时态,A/C为被动,B/D为主动,且A/C时态一致,一个主动一个被动则选择被动;所以A;且主语he是跟踪follow的承受者,因为空后没有名词作为承受者;翻译为;他匆忙回家,没有一次回头看他是否正在被跟踪。选A 8. 分析选项中有whose/its/it’s / his/who’s 时则以whose为主;条件为空后有一个没有a/an/the的名词,且空上的翻译为‘先行词的’;先行词为program,空上翻译为这个项目的,所以选择whose,选C。 9. 分析选项,考查词汇的形容词,controversial 有争议的,有分歧的;contradictory 反驳的,反对的,矛盾的;confidential 机密的,秘密的,表示信任的,神秘的;conventional传统的;翻译为:史蒂芬乔布斯去世后五年,智能手机在销售中击败了传统的个人电脑。选D 10. shape塑造,构成,形成,影响;switch开关,转换,转变;stretch延伸,伸展;sharpen削尖,使敏捷,增强,加强;shift移动,转移,转变;翻译为;在年底对成功与失败的快速回顾会有助于影响你未来的一年。选A 11. 分析选项,考查时态;本句主句谓语为has been informed,所以从句不能选择B,和D;他不合格为客观事实,所以选择一般现在时,选择C 12. in contrast to 与…做对比;in defense of 为…做辩护,为保证…;in face of面对; in relation to关于,涉及,与…有关;翻译为:决定我们在哪里与周围的环境有关仍旧是我们生存的必要技能。所以选D。 13. as clear as day一清二楚, off the top of my head即兴的,不假思索的, under my nose 就在眼下,beyond my wildest Dream超出了我最大的梦想;翻译为:没什么,只是即兴发挥的东西。选B 14. alternative 选择性的,替换性的;aggressive 侵略的,好斗的;ambiguous模棱两可的,含糊其辞的;apparent 清楚的,清晰的;翻译为:恐龙的消失并不是必然由天文事件导致的,但替代性的解释很难找到。选A 15. you bet,当然,确定 you got me你难住我了,你懂我的意思,根据翻译:去看周三的女子排球赛吗?当然了 !你和我一起吗?选B
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